Run MXNet on Docker

Docker is a system that lets you build self-contained versions of a Linux operating system that can run in isolation on your computer. On the self-contained version of Linux, you can run MXNet and other software packages without them interacting with the packages on your computer.

MXNet provides two Docker images for running MXNet:

  1. MXNet Docker (CPU) -
  2. MXNet Docker (GPU) -

These Docker images are updated weekly with the latest builds of MXNet. For CUDA support, you need the NVIDIA Docker image.

To run MXNet on Docker:

  1. Install Docker on your computer. For more information, see the Docker documentation.

  2. Run the command to start the MXNet Docker container.

    For CPU containers, run this command:

        sudo docker run -it kaixhin/mxnet

    For GPU containers, run this command:

        sudo nvidia-docker run -it kaixhin/cuda-mxnet:7.0

For more details on how to use the MXNet Docker images, see the MXNet Docker GitHub documentation.